Everybody knows acne and 80% of us are or were affected by this disease, with more or less severe consequences for our well-being.

The Budget

The envisaged budget is 100,000 USD

The money will be invested to drive research into both strategies (Replacement and Inhibition strategies).

The first phase will be devoted to trials of the replacement strategy. This work includes next-generation sequencing of the skin microbiota of healthy adult volunteers before and after the treatment with a "probiotic" P. acnes strain. An ethical agreement from local authorities will be obtained before the start of this work. Anticipated costs: 40,000 USD.

The second phase is devoted to the inhibition experiments. This work covers lab research, including cloning, protein expression, structural characterization and the screening for inhibitory substances for the selected target proteins. Anticipated costs: 60,000 USD.


Replacement strategy

40,000 USD

-  microbiota sequencing (before/after treatment; n=10): 32,000 USD 

- bacterial cultivation, skin sample preparation/extraction: 8000 USD


Inhibition strategy

60,000 USD

- cloning/expression of P. acnes factor: 10,000 USD

- purification/biochemical characterization: 10,000 USD

- structural analysis of target protein: 10,000 USD

- screening of selected inhibitory substances: 30,000 USD


We will inform donors about the progress of our research efforts in regular intervals. 


Your donation makes a huge difference no matter the amount And you will benefit of it
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